Our Mission

At Galloway Coaching, we empower influencers and high-achievers to unlock their potential and maximize their performance. We help executives, entrepreneurs and individuals to think outside the box and make the transformational changes necessary to get what they want at work and in life.

So, what is coaching?

Put simply, coaching is a collaborative process designed to accelerate positive and sustainable change. Coaching pushes you beyond your usual norms to examine your situation objectively, generate fresh thinking, and design and implement creative strategies to move you forward, and keep you moving forward. Coaching turns goals and dreams into actions and reality.

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So, it’s like therapy?

There’s a difference! Yes, we ask questions and work on behavioral changes, but while therapy looks to the past to diagnose behaviors and treat dysfunctions, coaching is future focused, empowering you to develop your own solutions and strategies. Coaching is about exploring your potential, establishing new patterns, new behaviors and about getting things done.

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What We Do

We work with people and organizations looking to make bold changes. We expand thinking, unlock potential, define goals and implement solutions.
We help you take your career or business to the next level with objective thinking, fresh ideas and clear objectives
Whatever life throws at you, whatever you want to tackle, or wherever you want to go, we can help you get there
We’ll work with you to create a healthy body and a healthy mind, embracing all aspects of a vibrant and active life

Best Thinking

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5 Ways to Motivate Others

Motivation plays a big part in my life and career. I have to motivate myself, motivate my clients and also help them develop the skills they need to self-motivate. That’s a lot of motivation and it…

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Coaching Isn’t Therapy; So What Is It?

Coaching has a problem, and that problem is that most people don’t really know what it is, what coaches do and how they do it. When I tell people I’m a coach I always get a…


Get It Done

Are you using your time wisely and effectively? How can you maximize your potential?



About Our Founder

Jamie Galloway is a performance and leadership coach based in New York City. Jamie empowers executives, entrepreneurs and individuals to make the transformational changes necessary to reach their full potential in their careers, lives and health. Learn more →